Junta appeals for "responsible" use of region's beaches

Carmen Crespo (second left), Francisco de la Torre (second right) and Elías Bendodo (right) help to release a turtle on Monday.
Carmen Crespo (second left), Francisco de la Torre (second right) and Elías Bendodo (right) help to release a turtle on Monday. / Salvador Salas
  • After capacity controls had to be enforced at 29 locations on the Malaga coastline last weekend, regional government spokesman Elías Bendodo urged beachgoers to help the authorities avoid overcrowding

In response to capacity controls being enforced at 29 locations and 8,000 incidents reported on beaches on the Malaga coastline last weekend, spokesperson for the Junta de Andalucía regional government, Elías Bendodo, this week appealed to Andalusians and visitors alike to act responsibly when using beaches to avoid the further spread of the coronavirus.

The majority of these incidents, according to those consulted by SUR, were people not respecting the minimum distance of two metres, the use of balls and other inflatables and a disregard of monitors by repeat offenders.

Bendodo stressed that while the relaxing of limitations to freedom of movement would encourage the reactivation of the local economy, it can also facilitate the circulation of the virus. Therefore, he said, it was important not to let down your guard.

In order for there to be "responsible" tourism, Bendodo insisted not only on the need for beachgoers to comply with safety standards regarding the use of masks, hydro-alcoholic gel and social distancing, but also on going to beaches "with responsibility and knowing how to choose" not to overcrowd the busiest and most popular spots.

Aula del Mar

The regional government this week also announced that it would resume the collaboration agreement with the Aula del Mar in Malaga to step up the work of protecting endangered species and spreading awareness of the future of the fauna living in Andalusian waters.

Regional minister for Fisheries and Sustainable Development, Carmen Crespo, made the announcement in Malaga on Monday at a ceremony, attended by Bendodo and Malaga mayor Francisco de la Torre, during which a sea turtle which had been rescued by the association was released back into the water.