Fuengirola's new marina will be an open space with views to the sea

Mula explained the details of the project.
Mula explained the details of the project. / SUR
  • The mayor says the ambitious project will cost over 70 million euros but will be a major tourism hub and is "vital" for the town

Details of the long-awaited project to create a new marina in Fuengirola have been announced. This infrastructure, which mayor Ana Mula says is "vital" for the town, is to be built on the same level as the seafront promenade and will therefore be open to the rest of the town, with large shopping and pedestrian areas.

Last week the mayor met officials from the Andalusian Ports Agency and representatives of Bereguer Ingenieros, the company which has designed the project, to discuss progress. She said afterwards that things are going well so far and described the new port, which has the full support of the Junta de Andalucía, as a "major tourism hub" for Fuengirola.

This is the most ambitious project for the town so far, and the innovative plans drawn up by Berenguer Ingenieros are for a space which is completely open. Mula pointed out that local people have been waiting a very long time for this new facility to come to fruition, and it will resolve the problems which have occurred over time with the existing port.

The Andalusian Ports Agency agrees with the council that this design is the one which is most viable from all points of view.

The new marina will have 730 underground parking spaces, and the central square will be at the same level as the seafront promenade. This means that the view of the sea will not be obstructed, and in fact even from the lowest part of the marina it will be visible behind the sea wall. "One really important thing, and the one which really struck us about this design, is that not a single lorry will have to drive through the town when the sea wall is being constructed, because the materials will arrive by sea. That will save a great deal of work on a project as big as this one," said the mayor.

Cruise ships

With regard to the cost of this new project, Mula said it is expected to be in the region of 71 million euros, and that will include 30,000 square metres of covered spaces for different uses, including commercial, a nautical centre and areas reserved for sailing. "In addition to all that, there will of course be a fishing area, which is very important for our town," she said.

Cruise ships of up to 180 metres in length will also be able to visit, although careful thought has been given to the environmental aspect of this.

"When a cruise ship arrives, we want all journeys between the ship and the town to be made by electric vehicles to avoid emissions. This is going to be the project that everyone in Fuengirola has been dreaming of and it is thrilling to see it beginning to take shape," said the mayor.