Former mayor of Cómpeta moves back in following vote of no confidence

Mayor Obdulio Pérez (left).
Mayor Obdulio Pérez (left). / A. P.
  • Obdulio Pérez ran Cómpeta town hall from 2016 to 2019 but lost the last local election to José Moyano's PSOE party

Obdulio Pérez (Partido Popular) has been voted back in as mayor of Cómpeta following a vote of no confidence against his predecessor, José Moyano (PSOE), earlier this week. The motion was presented to the town hall on 9 March by the Partido Popular and Por Mi Pueblo parties.

The vote should have taken place on 23 March; 10 working days after it was first presented. However, due to the state of alarm it had to be postponed until councillors were able to go back to meetings in the town hall.

After a lengthy debate, which saw reproaches and personal attacks between councillors, Pérez won by one vote.

Due to the ongoing restrictions, only councillors, local police officers, the town hall secretary and media were allowed into the building and around 10 members of the public who had hoped to witness the proceedings had to remain outside during the 2.5 hour meeting.

Pérez, who was mayor from 2016 to 2019, dedicated his first speech after the vote to the victims of coronavirus and said that he would do "everything" within his reach to "recover from this crisis."

Moyano said that he was leaving the position "with my hands clean" but added, "I am sad because I love my town."