British drugs trafficking war was behind Mijas Costa murder

The arrest of the suspected killer in Murcia. Top, drugs found during the raid.
The arrest of the suspected killer in Murcia. Top, drugs found during the raid. / SUR
  • The arrest of two Britons in the UK and Murcia has cleared up the inquiry into the shooting of a 39-year-old man in Riviera del Sol last November

Two arrests last month, one in the UK and the other in Murcia, have wound up the inquiry into the murder of a British man in Mijas on 21 November last year.

The 39-year-old, who had a criminal record in the UK, was shot five times while he was inside his car outside his house in Calle Orfebre, Riviera del Sol.

A joint investigation between the British andSpanish authorities identified the two suspects, both UK nationals who, the Guardia Civil believe, were sent to the Costa del Sol by a drug trafficking organisation to kill the victim.

Detectives believe that the murder was part of an ongoing battle between two rival gangs over control of marijuana trafficking between Spain and the UK.

The careful choice of the time and place of the shooting showed, according to the Guardia Civil, the “criminal experience and sang-froid” of the two suspects.

Officers believe that the pair travelled from the UK to Barcelona from where they drove to the Costa del Sol in a rental vehicle. They followed their victim for days, studying his movements and routines, before shooting him as he arrived home.

The first suspect was arrested in the UK and jailed for previous offences. A European arrest warrant is being processed so that he can be tried by Spanish courts for the murder committed inSpain.

The second suspect had been travelling over the last few months, visiting different European and South American countries. When the state of alarm was declared he returned to Spain, living in a village near Murcia.

He was arrested in a property used for the preparation of marijuana shipments. At the time of his arrest, officers found 20 kilos of the drug in vacuum packs. Another member of the trafficking organisation was also arrested.

The arrests were the result of a joint operation between the Guardia Civil in Malaga and Murcia and the Manchester police.