A thousand vehicles join in Vox protest in Malaga

Part of the Vox demonstration.
Part of the Vox demonstration. / SALVADOR SALAS
  • Similar convoys festooned with Spanish flags crossed cities around Spain on Saturday morning

A thousand vehicles decorated with Spanish flags took part in a motorised demonstration against the government which crossed Malaga on Saturday morning.

According to figures from the government office in Malaga, 773 cars and 236 motorcycles travelled eight kilometres west to east from the Martín Carpena sports arena to El Tintero in El Palo.

The convoy, whose slogan was "for Spain and its freedom", was organised by far-right party Vox, in parallel with similar protests in towns and cities around Spain, calling for the government to resign over its management of the coronavirus crisis.

A thousand vehicles join in Vox protest in Malaga

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Authorised by the government, the convoy was escorted by Local and National Police officers, and progressed without incident, apart from some exchanges of insults with residents in the Carretera de Cadiz district.

On its conclusion in El Palo, the president of Vox Málaga, José Enrique Lara, and the Vox MP Patricia Rueda made a statement, celebrating the turnout and thanking the security forces.

"This is a convoy for freedom and for Spain; brave Malaga has responded beyond expectations. We're tired of this government of lies, with terrible deaths, a high rate of health workers infected, security forces without resources or protective material," said Rueda.