Petition launched calling for new cycle lane network in Marbella

Cyclists on Avenida Ricardo Soriano.
Cyclists on Avenida Ricardo Soriano. / Josele
  • Acción por el Clima Marbella wants the council to revisit its 2014 plan for sustainable urban mobility

A new petition has been launched by the Acción por el Clima Marbella association, asking Marbella town hall to create a new network of cycle lanes.

This comes as a direct result of the council's initiative to ban cyclists from the promenade and to facilitate makeshift cycle lanes, including on the main Avenida Ricardo Soriano, to ease congestion on the seafront and to help with social distancing. "How curious that we needed a pandemic to discover the joy of cycling through the centre of Marbella without the usual dangers," says the text that heads the petition which by Thursday had almost 500 signatures.

The association hopes to encourage the council to revisit a plan drawn up (and never implemented) for bicycle lanes in 2014 with the aim of integrating this means of sustainable transport into Marbella's urban mobility.

According to the petitioners, resuming this project now would make sense, especially because temporary spaces have already now been created and are being widely used. "It shows once again that the people of Marbella want to walk and want to cycle, without causing a nuisance for anyone and without any risk, especially with regard to cars," they say.