Tender process for seven-million-euro improvement to country roads is restarted

A section of damaged road between Ardales and El Chorro.
A section of damaged road between Ardales and El Chorro. / SUR
  • Damage inland caused by the heavy rain of autumn 2018 will be worked on, including one of the access roads to the Caminito del Rey

The Malaga Diputación (provincial authority) has restarted the tender process for almost seven million euros' worth of repairs at seventeen spots on roads in inland, rural areas.

The original awarding of contracts to carry out the works was halted when the state of alarm started in March and now they will be put out to tender again.

The works were all already planned, and cover the northern area of the province, near Antequera, and the western side (the areas of Serranía de Ronda, Guadalhorce and Guadalteba).

Here, severe storm damage from October 2018 still has to be repaired. The cost will be shared between the Diputación and central government funds.

Repairs to embankments, improved drainage and resurfacing are among the main actions on these secondary roads which fall under the control of the provincial authority.

The biggest is expected to be the rural road from the village of Ardales to El Chorro, near the Caminito del Rey pathway tourist attraction. Here two million euros will need to be spent on the embankments and roadway

The next biggest job will be to make good the damage on the road linking El Burgo and Casarabonela in the Sierra de las Nieves.

The representative for Infraestructure at the Diputación, Francisco Oblaré, said he hoped that starting up the repairs would contribute to reactivating the economy.

Two bridges that were also damaged in 2018 have been left out of this bidding round, however. Repairs to the Bobastro access, valued at 800,000 euros and a bridge on the Teba to Campillos road (1.6m) will have to wait for now.