Provincial authority pledges 233 million euros to alleviate effects of the crisis

Margarita del Cid, Francisco Salado and Juan Carlos Maldonado.
Margarita del Cid, Francisco Salado and Juan Carlos Maldonado. / PEDRO J. QUERO
  • The organisation says the so-called 'Malaga Plan' is the "most ambitious ever" and will support families, councils, businesses, the self-employed and workers

The Diputación provincial authority is to spend 233 million euros before the end of this year on its own-style Marshall Plan for economic recovery and employment in province.

The money will be used to support the most vulnerable, assist companies and the self-employed with liquidity, help local councils and assist workers.

This is the Diputación's most ambitious programme so far, and a "historic" commitment to tackling the effects of the pandemic, said its president Francisco Salado during the presentation, which was also attended by the first and second vice-presidents, Juan Carlos Maldonado and Margarita del Cid.

The money is coming from three sources: 60 million euros will be from the Diputación's surplus, the provincial tax office and the fire, waste and water consortia. Salado said he is confident the national government will authorise councils to use their surpluses, although he is concerned at the lack of response from Madrid to this request so far.

The second source of funds is a 28-million-euro modification to the budget, to be debated next week. The plan is to change projects which have not been carried out or are no longer considered a priority. The third consists of 145.4 million euros which is already available this year for employment, social assistance and the productive sectors.

Salado also stressed that the Diputación, which principally provides pooled support services to villages and smaller towns in Malaga province, would work with the tourism sector. It would reject any attempts by the government to discriminate against the Costa del Sol in terms of assistance or measures to alleviate the crisis.