Police investigate spate of dog poisonings in Malaga

The area is popular among dog owners.
The area is popular among dog owners. / Ñito Salas
  • One dog died after apparently ingesting rat poison in a popular walking spot while several others required treatment

Local Police in Malaga have opened an investigation into several cases of poisoned dogs in the Malaga neighbourhood of Cerrado de Calderón during the past month.

The Nature Protection unit (Grupona) is leading the probe after one dog died on 18 April and several required treatment after having apparently ingesting rat poison.

The owner of the golden retriever that died, Ida, told SUR: "We went out for a walk in the morning. I had her on a lead and didn't notice anything strange happening but everything changed a few hours later when she threw up three or four times so I took her to the vet. She was already dead by the time the vet arrived."

The owners of the dogs affected believe that the poisonings probably occurred in the upper part of Cerrado de Calderón, closest to the antennas - a common spot for taking dogs out for a walk.

The investigation has so far been unable to establish who is behind this nor whether the act was intentional or as a result of negligence. For the time being, residents are being warned to be vigilant when walking their dogs and to ensure they don't eat anything off the floor.