Patients given the all-clear still trailing new Covid-19 cases in Malaga province

Patients given the all-clear still trailing new Covid-19 cases in Malaga province
/ Ñito Salas
  • Tuesday was the second consecutive day with no coronavirus-related deaths but 11 more people have tested positive

As was the case last week, yesterday Monday and today Tuesday saw no new coronavirus-related deaths in Malaga province announced by the regional Ministry of Health and Families.

This means that the local Covid-19 death toll remains at 271. However, it should be noted that deaths over the weekend tend to be announced with a delay of up to 72 hours. Additionally, it can take several weeks from the time a person contracts the virus until they die, after their condition has worsened.

In terms of new cases, 11 were reported on Tuesday, eight fewer than on Monday. Since the start of the pandemic, 3,790 people have tested positive for Covid-19, though the figures provided by the regional authorities are higher than those reported nationally as the national Ministry of Health only counts those diagnosed by the more accurate PCR tests.


One important measure to consider when evaluating the progress in the fight against the coronavirus is that of the proportion of people who overcome the disease compared to new infections. In this regard, only five more patients were given the all-clear on Tuesday, taking the total in Malaga province to 1,960 - still some distance from matching the number of new cases.

On the other hand, the volume of patients with Covid-19 admitted to hospitals in Malaga continues to fall. Seventy-one patients are currently in hospital (five fewer than on Monday), of whom 14 are in intensive care (ICU).

Across Andalucía, 44 new cases of coronavirus were confirmed on Tuesday, taking the total to 15,522. Four more deaths have been reported (total 1,326). Those given the all-clear has risen to 9,297 (up 92).