Junta asks to hold back Malaga city slightly on Phase One of easing of lockdown conditions

Regional Health minister, Jesús Aguirre.
Regional Health minister, Jesús Aguirre. / EFE
  • Restrictions on gatherings such as seminars and funeral wakes could remain tighter in the health district formed by Malaga and Rincón de la Victoria, but central government will have the final say

The good news for most residents of Malaga province this week was that the Junta de Andalucía regional government was asking Madrid to allow most of the area to move into the looser restrictions of Phase One. This included the Costa del Sol.

However, in its feedback to central government, the Junta believed the public health district that covers the city of Malaga and neighbouring Rincón de la Victoria needed to keep some extra restrictions imposed on it. In these two municipalities, the ban on meetings with friends would remain, including funeral wakes, seminars and outdoor events.

It wasn't certain at time of press if the government would agree to this split in Malaga province ahead of Monday's change of phase. Ministers have said they prefer to work with changes across whole provinces rather than public health districts, which members of the public don't normally recognise as easily.

The Junta is recommending all eight provinces it covers move fully to Phase One, apart from the Malaga city/Rincón area and areas in and around Granada city.