Costa tourism bosses angry that Canaries may get better treatment

Costa tourism bosses angry that Canaries may get better treatment
  • The government has reportedly agreed a political manoeuvre to extend ERTE conditions on the islands until visitor demand increases

There was outrage from Costa del Sol tourist-industry leaders on Thursday over a reported political deal on the Canary Islands to extend furloughing rights there.

The national government had to fight for support from other parties to renew its state of alarm decree this week and a regional Canaries party says it won a concession from Madrid in return. Coalición Canarias (CC) claims that tourism workers on the most generous force majeure ERTE conditions can keep them after any future end of the official state of alarm and until demand increases. The government hasn't so far promised this same concession to other parts of Spain.

Head of the Costa del Sol tourist board and the Diputación provincial authority, Francisco Salado, said the policy, was "inadmissible discrimination. He added, "...we are not going to tolerate that, in exchange for the votes of a nationalist party, the workers in one region benefit and not all Spain."

Some local tourism bosses congratulated the CC on its political agility but felt the measure would now have to be extended to the whole country. "We can't have any destination without the same conditions," said Luis Callejón of Costa hoteliers' association, Aehcos.