Young girl discovers 18-kilo bundle of hashish on first day back outside

Image of the package the girl spotted on the rocks.
Image of the package the girl spotted on the rocks. / SUR
  • The minor spotted a wet cardboard box on the rocks while she was taken for a walk along the beach by her dad

The first outing since the start of the lockdown was an adventure for most children, but it was especially eventful for one girl in Malaga city who discovered an 18-kilo package of hashish on her walk with her father.

Her father, 47, called the Local Police at around 1pm on Sunday after the girl spotted a wet box on the rocks close to the Baños del Carmen (suggesting it had washed up) while walking on the beach. They inspected the box, suspecting it contained clothes, only to find a number of small packages which resembled drugs.

Police were quick to arrive, given the large presence to monitor compliance with the new rules, and confirmed that the packages contained hashish. The discovery was then taken to the provincial police headquarters where its contents were found to weigh 17.8 kilos.

Further searches of the area were carried out but no other packages were located.