Varied respect for the rules as children head out for the first time since lockdown began

A father takes a selfie with his two sons on Huelin beach in Malaga city.
A father takes a selfie with his two sons on Huelin beach in Malaga city. / Salvador Salas
  • Thousands of parents took their children out across Malaga on Sunday with beaches, parks and squares filling up as a result

After more than forty days indoors, neither fear of contagion nor the restrictions imposed by the government could prevent thousands of parents across Malaga province taking their children to their local parks, beaches and squares on Sunday.

After it was confirmed on Thursday that one parent or carer could take up to three children out at a time for an hour a day as part of an easing in the coronavirus lockdown (later rectified to only apply to children 13 and under), anticipation started to build and was reflected in the vast numbers seen outdoors on Sunday.

The beach was by far the most popular spot for this daily walk but, as expected, not everyone respected the rules.

The most frequent breach of the rules saw the whole family unit enjoying an outing, instead of just the one adult permitted to accompany the child or children. While some said that they had misunderstood the rules, others complained that the rules were "absurd".

The seafront in Marbella on Sunday.

The seafront in Marbella on Sunday. / Josele

In Malaga city, police only issued fines to those without children and used the first day of the new regulations to ensure that families were well informed about the limitations in place.

In Marbella there had been concerns about packed-out beaches after it was announced on Friday they would be reopened. However, a combination of bad weather and general caution saw the day pass without any major problems. The same occurred in towns such as Mijas and Fuengirola, which also opened their beaches to the public.

In the Axarquía, many parents chose promenades and beaches to walk with their children, despite the strong winds. In Rincón de la Victoria, the Local Police and Civil Protection handed out diplomas to well-behaved children in the streets - something that has also been taking place in Torremolinos.