Increase in new Covid-19 cases in Malaga province remains steady while count of recovered patients grows

An ambulance outside Malaga's Hospital Civil.
An ambulance outside Malaga's Hospital Civil. / ÑITO SALAS
  • Figures released on Thursday by the regional Health authority show a decrease in hospitalised patients

Official Covid-19 figures released by the Andalusian Health authorities on Thursday indicated that the increase in new cases of infection in Malaga was becoming more stable.


The total cases in the province confirmed was 2,074, 68 new diagnoses in 24 hours, five fewer than the increase registered on Wednesday.

The total number of deaths in Malaga province had risen to 147 by Thursday, that is, according to the official statistic. This is an increase of seven on the previous day's figure, less than half the 15 new deaths announced on Wednesday.

Thursday's figures also showed a reduction in the number of coronavirus patients being treated in hospital around all eight provinces of Andalucía from 2,193 personas (418 in ICUs), to 1,989 (406 en ICUs).


The total number of new cases in Andalucía on Thursday was 264, 34 more than on Wednesday, taking the total up to 9,261. Some 652 people have died with the virus in Andalucía, 47 more in 24 hours, fewer than the 77 new cases in the region the previous day.

Meanwhile the number patients who have recovered from the disease, according to the official count has gone up to 1,193 in Andalucía, 152 more than on Wednesday.


Figures for Spain followed a similar pattern on Thursday with a smaller increase than the previous day, following a two-day spike in growth.

The total of new cases was up to 152,446, an increase of 5,756 on the previous day's official figure.

A total of 15,238 people have now died with the virus in Spain, 680 more than on Wednesday.