Caring community surprises diamond anniversary couple

Robert and Isabel on their doorstep last week.
Robert and Isabel on their doorstep last week. / SUR
  • Robert and Isabel Douglas opened their door to find neighbours had put up balloons and banners to celebrate their special day

The residents of Calle Nardos in Fuengirola had an extra special reason to cheer and applaud from their gardens and balconies last week, because the oldest residents in the street were celebrating their 60th wedding anniversary.

The neighbours all participate in the nightly hand-clapping session in honour of health workers and the emergency services who are working around the clock during the coronavirus crisis, but on this occasion, they decided to include the anniversary couple, who have lived in the street for more than 20 years.

Scottish nationals Robert and Isabel Douglas appeared at their front door to find that their neighbours had made cards, put up balloons and banners, and were applauding them to the sound of The Three Tenors. The caring community also sent a special message to the couple over a loudspeaker, saying, "All of your friends and neighbours wish you both a very happy diamond anniversary."

Resident Nessie Lang-Wood said, "It was very emotional for them, and for all of us too. Everyone managed to write cards and signs in English so that they could read them. Our street WhatsApp group spread the word about the anniversary and each neighbour took it upon themselves to do something."

A young neighbour with his card.

A young neighbour with his card. / SUR

Close-knit community

Nessie's husband, Martyn Wood, uses a powerful PA system to play music after the nightly ovation has finished and he has now been asked to take requests for other celebrations that occur during the lockdown.

"I now have messages from the buildings at both ends of our street asking for me to play music for birthday celebrations. We are becoming a very close-knit neighbourhood. Our street has many nationalities, including Spanish, English, Scottish, Canadian and Dutch," Martyn explained.