Covid-19 cases continue to grow in Malaga province although deaths have slowed slightly

A ambulance in a quiet city centre this weekend.
A ambulance in a quiet city centre this weekend. / SALVADOR SALAS
  • The province registered 163 new cases on Monday, taking the total up to 1,321, with 69 deaths, five more in 24 hours

The total number of coronavirus cases registered in the province of Malaga is at 1,321, accoridng to the official figures announced by the regional Health ministry on Monday.

This is an increase of 163 on the previous day, more than rise of 105 reported from Saturday to Sunday.

The number of deaths in the province had increased by five to 69, said the authority on Monday. This does show a slight slow-down in deaths as these had increased by ten and eight in the figures announced on Saturday and Sunday respectively.

The figures relating to the number of fatalities, however, must be considered bearing in mind that it takes a few days for a death to reach the official figures.

in Malaga province, 725 Covid-19 patients are in hospital and 527 are being monitored at home. A total of 185 people have been discharged from hospital and 83 have been declared as recovered.

In Andalucía there are now 5,405 confirmed cases, 723 more than the total announced on Sunday. The number of deaths is at 236.Andalucía, hay ya confirmados 5.405 positivos de Covid-19, 723 más que la jornada precedente. El total de muertes es de 236. There are currently 216 patients in intensive care.