Advice to help prevent the spread of coronavirus

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  • María José Cañete of Helicopteros Sanitarios runs through a list of precautions

At a time when it is essential for everyone to take special precautions to help curb the spread of coronavirus María José Cañete, President of Helicopteros Sanitarios, has sent out the following message:

"Dear beloved family of Helicopteros Sanitarios,

"I think of you all day long and when I wake up at night. I sincerely hope that you are well. Our brave professionals are looking out and ready to come as soon as you need us. Do not doubt for a moment that we would not do the impossible to come to your help. It is thanks to you, dear members, that we exist.

"During these thirty years together, we have gotten a lot of affection from you, we know that you love us and it is now when you are most showing us with your continuous displays of affection. You are our family and we feel that way.

"This situation we live now will end and we will again enjoy the paradise we live in.

"I wanted to give you some more tips about the precautions you should take into account:

─ Clean all the containers and packages when you arrive home after shopping. Do it with gloves and a damp cloth with bleach, then dry them.

─ Wash your hands several times a day for at least 20 seconds.

─ Loss of smell and taste can be a symptom of coronavirus.

─ Avoid touching your mouth, nose, and eyes.

─ Sunbathe.

─ Never leave home without a mask.

─ Children should not approach elderly. Since the little ones can be carriers of the virus and have absolutely no symptoms, they pass the disease without feeling it.

─ Pick up the mail and packages with gloves and a mask and clean the content with a cloth with water and bleach.

─ Leave the shoes you wear on the street outside the house.

─ Wash the bedding and towels at 60 degrees.

─ Take a minimum of 1000mg of vitamin C and 50mg of zinc a day.

─ Think positive and visualize how beautiful it will be once this situation is over. Positive thinking keeps us healthier and stronger."