Spain registers 838 coronavirus deaths in one day but experts say country is approaching peak

Ambulances outside Malaga's Regional Hospital.
Ambulances outside Malaga's Regional Hospital. / ÑITO SALAS
  • There are now confirmed 1,158 cases in Malaga province and 64 deaths related to Covid-19

Coronavirus case figures in Spain continue to soar with 838 deaths in 24 hours, according to Sunday's figure, taking the total to 6,528.

The official number of cases in Spain was at 78,797 on Sunday, showing a decline in the rate of infection. The latest daily increase was 6,549, "just" 9% more than on Saturday, dropping to single figures for the first time since the pandemic was declared

Experts interpret this as a sign that the spread of the disease is slowing and that Spain is approaching the peak in the infection curve.

Malaga and Andalucía

The latest coronavirus case figures in the province of Malaga show an increase of 105 new cases of infection between Saturday and Sunday, double the 47 new positives the previous day.

Malaga province now has 1,158 confirmed cases and 64 deaths related to Covid-19.

The region of Andalucía now has 4,682 cases and 207 deaths.

This is according to the official figures released by the health authorities, however the real number of cases of infection is expected to be much higher.

It is considered that 80% of people with the virus only have minor symptoms and don't go to a health centre and therefore have not been tested.

The number of cases is expected to increase significantly over the next few days as more tests are made available.