Pensioner left in a ditch after kidnap and torture ordeal in Archidona

View of Archidona.
View of Archidona. / SUR
  • The man was tied up and forced to hand over his credit cards and PIN numbers in the incident last month

Two men have been sent to prison and refused bail for their alleged role in the kidnapping and torture of a 70-year-old man in Archidona on 9 February.

The victim, who was taken by surprise as he returned home at night, was allegedly kidnapped and tied up and had his face covered inside a vehicle. The supposed offenders then stole his belongings then proceeded to force him to tell them the PIN numbers for all of his cards. They then drove to ATMs withdrawing all of the money possible from the cards - a total of 1,000 euros.

When the Guardia Civil found the victim where the men had left him, badly injured in a ditch, his injuries were so bad that the officers thought he had been run over.

He spent 25 days in hospital, including several nights in intensive care.