More than a thousand Covid-19 cases now confirmed in Malaga province

Malaga's regional hospital this week.
Malaga's regional hospital this week. / ÑITO SALAS
  • The total coronavirus case count in Spain reached more than 64,000 on Friday, with 4,858 deaths

The number of Covid-19 cases in the province of Malaga had passed the one thousand milestone on Friday as the regional Health minister Jesús Aguirre gave the latest total of 1,006.

This is 101 up on the previous day's figure, a greater increase than in the previous 24 hours, when there were 86 new cases, but lower than the figures for Tuesday and Wednesday when there were 145 and 155 new cases respectively.

A total of 46 deaths were confirmed in Malaga province on Friday, four more than the previous day.

Of the 1,006 cases in this area, 540 are in hospital and 420 are being monitored at home. 104 patients have been discharged from hospital and 61 patients have recovered.

In Andalucía on Friday there were 3,793 confirmed coronavirus patients, 387 up on Thursday's figure, and 144 deaths, ten more in 24 hours.

In Malaga 197 of the coronavirus patients are health workers, 872 in Andalucía, according to Friday's figures.

The figure for Spain as a whole had gone up to 64,059 coronavirus cases diagnosed up to Friday, with 4,858 deaths. Recovered patients around the country now number 9,857.

The number of health workers infected with the virus in Spain has doubled in three days with a total of 9,444.

Contingency plan in Andalucía

Meanwhile, the Andalusian government is working on a contingency plan to deal with a possible peak of 22,000 confirmed cases of coronavirus, according to regional Minister of the Presidency, Elías Bendodo.

Bendodo said that the current contingency plans are for between 9,000 and 15,000 people but explained that they are already working on the 22,000 plan in the event of a worst-case scenario outcome.

The plan would see "the provision of new infrastructure", he said, including "residences of all kinds currently closed but perfectly equipped", along with the mobilisation of "1,600 hotel beds for low-severity patients to make room in hospitals for those affected by coronavirus".