Keeping spirits up, at a safe distance

Residents join in the fun on their balconies in Malaga.
Residents join in the fun on their balconies in Malaga. / Salvador Salas
  • Balconies have become a welcome way for people to stay in contact with their neighbours during the lockdown, with communities organising daily activities

Applause at 8pm for health workers during this global pandemic is now a regular occurrence across the nation. But some communities are taking it one step further and are making good use of their only connection to their outdoor world: their balconies and terraces.

For many communities, this has become an invaluable way not only to stay connected with their neighbours during this time of lockdown, but also to keep morale and optimism high in these unprecedented times.

Especially in private complexes, balconies and terraces have been an escape from confinement, especially for the children.

Where Maribel Mata lives in La Virreina (Malaga), "we started with the applause for the doctors but then it occurred to us we could do other things for the children". Now they have live performances and dancing on a daily basis.

This is something that is being repeated across the country, too, whether in the form of communal exercise classes or even fancy dress parties.