An anonymous donor provides 150 protective suits for hospital staff in Malaga

Health workers receive the suits at the Clínico hospital.
Health workers receive the suits at the Clínico hospital. / Salvador Salas
  • The suits were delivered to the Local Police, who took them to the Clínico hospital on Wednesday evening, amid cheers and applause

An anonymous business owner has donated 150 protective suits for staff at the Clínico hospital in Malaga, to help in the fight against coronavirus.

The donor made contact with the Local Police to make the offer, and repeatedly insisted that he or she didn't want their identity to be known, saying "it's the health workers who are visible, not me".

The protective clothing was delivered to the hospital on Wednesday in a fleet of police vehicles, shortly before 8pm, the time at which people all over Spain go out onto their balconies or stand at their windows to cheer and applaud the country's health workers.

It was a moment which will be remembered forever by many of those present: the police officers applauded and sounded the sirens of their cars as hospital staff came out to collect the donated items and transport them inside on trolleys.

These suits are vitally important in protecting medical staff, and are worn with special masks. The whole country is suffering a shortage of these items, especially Intensive Care Units, waiting for further deliveries from the ministry of Health.

This donation is one of many demonstrations of appreciation and support for doctors in Malaga during the coronavirus lockdown. It is a clear and positive sign that everyone is working together to bring an end to the battle against this new illness as soon as possible.