American tourist, 70, with coronavirus dies in Ronda hospital

The Serranía de Ronda hospital.
The Serranía de Ronda hospital. / V. M.
  • A 73-year-old retired doctor died on Friday in Malaga's Clínico hospital

An American tourist, 70, who was in the Serranía de Ronda hospital with coronavirus, has died, sources confirmed on Friday.

He was among the group of visitors who tested positive having caught the virus from their guide and were isolated in a Costa del Sol hotel earlier this month.

This is the second fatality in Ronda related to the outbreak. On Thursday an 84-year-old woman died; she was taken to hospital after suffering a stroke and tested positive for coronavirus.

Four more people with coronavirus are currently being treated at the Ronda hospital. All are stable.

Malaga doctor

In Malaga, a 73-year-old retired doctor who had been in the Clínico hospital with coronavirus, has died. He had been in intensive care for more than two weeks with pneumonia.

José Sarmiento had been head of anaesthesiology at the same hospital for many years up to his retirement.

He had underlying health conditions.