Late bill payments trigger black-outs at Torremolinos council buildings

The municipal music school in the Casa de Cultura went without lighting for more than a week
The municipal music school in the Casa de Cultura went without lighting for more than a week / SUR
  • Town hall premises across the resort have had to go without electricity, phone connections and even ink cartridges because of slow payments

Delays in payments to suppliers have seen several municipal buildings in Torremolinos experiencing power cuts during the last few days (and months in some cases).

The Goya public library, the tourist office located in El Bajondillo (which attracts more than a million people each year), a ceramics workshop, the new Casa de la Juventud youth centre and the Casa de la Cultura cultural centre (now music school) are just some of the buildings which have experienced disruption, with power cuts, as well as loss of phone and internet connection.

The power cuts have disrupted classes since 11 February, with one mother complaining "our children have now missed 10 days of class because the Town Hall is not paying the bills to keep the lights on, despite the fact that we [the parents] have paid our enrollment fees".

In the case of the music school, as no official notification has been received, the teachers continue to hold classes, with the help of candles, but on occasion have had to cancel them altogether, to the dissatisfaction of students.

Town hall sources have told SUR that the delays in payments from the council to suppliers have caused these blackouts and other similar situations, such as the lack of toner in the photocopiers of public buildings, including the town hall itself, where for days it has not been possible to print documents.

Torremolinos currently has a debt of over 140 million euros. The latest report from the Finance ministry reveals that the average payment time at the council has shot up to 149 days, well above the 30 days set by law.

Mayor José Ortiz plans to address the shortfalls with the presentation of this year’s budget for approval next week.