Experts carry out new inspection of Mijas pool where three drowned

The experts carried out a number of tests on Monday.
The experts carried out a number of tests on Monday. / FERNANDO TORRES
  • Three members of the same family, who were on holiday from the UK, died in the tragic accident on Christmas Eve

New inspections on the pool at Club La Costa World, where three members of the same family died on Christmas Eve, began on Monday.

After being given the approval of the judge investigating the case, an engineer and a professional diver, accompanied by an assistant, went to the site where the events took place to inspect what could have caused this tragedy.

The experts arrived at the pool, where several bathers remained and watched on from their sunloungers, after 3pm on Monday. While the diver was preparing to enter the pool, the engineer and the assistant carried out different tests and wrote down several measurements. Also present was the victims' family's lawyer, Javier Toro, and staff from the resort.

The diver entered the pool 25 minutes later and stayed in the water for half an hour. During this time he took various photographs of both the suction systems and the profile of the pool. In addition, the experts introduced a piece of cloth (as well as a bathing cap similar to the one found by the Guardia Civil next to the main drain) into the water and took it to the bottom of the pool to observe its interaction with the suction systems.

This new inquiry was requested by the mother and wife of the deceased, Olubunmi Diya, through Javier Toro. At the time the Guardia Civil reported that, according to their investigation, the triple drowning was caused by the "lack of swimming skills" of the deceased. However, the only survivor of the incident, a 14-year-old girl, told officers at the time that they found themselves being dragged into the deep part (in this case in the middle) and that she found it hard to get out.

"Something must have happened," said Toro.