Junta gives authorisation for archers to rid urban areas of wild boar

A member of the wild animal control team in training.
A member of the wild animal control team in training. / SUR
  • In Marbella, where the animals cause problems particularly in Xarblanca, the council has already requested the service provided by the Andalusian hunting federation

The Junta de Andalucía has given authorisation for a team of archers to shoot wild boar that are causing problems in urban areas. The team, known as the SCAES (Servicio de Controladores con Arco de Especies Silvestres) belongs to the Andalusian Hunting Federation.

A jabalí spotted in Xarblanca, Marbella.

A jabalí spotted in Xarblanca, Marbella. / SUR

Their services must be requested by local councils, which are first given advice by the experts at the ministry. Marbella has already requested the presence of the archers and Benahavís council is waiting for more details before making a decision.

The appearance of wild boar in urban areas has become a growing problem in areas such as Xarblanca in Marbella, where they have been seen in the vicinity of schools and children's parks, as well as Benalmádena, Mijas and Malaga city.

"The wild boar have been appearing more often in built-up areas for three reasons: they find water all year round, thanks to the irrigation of gardens and leaks; they find food in the rubbish containers and even litter bins near parks, or eat food put down for cats; and finally because hunting them has been prohibited," said Daniel González, who is responsible for the team of archers.

The expert warned that some residents are feeding the wild boar without realising how dangerous they are. They are wild animals with strong jaws, he explained, and if they see humans as a source of food, they will no longer be wary. There have already been reports of attacks on dogs and traffic accidents.

The method has already been used with success in urban areas in Madrid