Coín residents say opening a new quarry is a 'crime'

The protest on Saturday.
The protest on Saturday. / F. T.
  • Several hundred people joined a protest in the town on Saturday

The people of Coín have joined forces to fight a project to open a new dolomite quarry in the mountains near the town.

The new citizens' protest group, called Coín, Salva Tu Sierra, will formally lodge objections to the scheme, which is currently at the public consultation stage.

Group spokesperson Juan José Ávila said that the town's fourth quarry was to be opened on private land, surrounded by protected Mediterranean woodland that is popular with hikers and cyclists.

Residents in front of the hillside where the quarry is planned.

Residents in front of the hillside where the quarry is planned. / F. T.

The site is also close to a prestigious farm school, visited by thousands of children and teachers every year, which, according to Ávila, would be forced to close.

The mayor of Coín, Francisco Santos, has said that the town hall is also studying the legal measures it can take against the project.

The group, which describes the new project as a "crime", points out that residents have been protesting for decades at the "unbearable" dust particles suspended in the air close to the existing quarries.

Between 400 and 500 people attended a demonstration against this "outrage" on Saturday.