Alcaucín mayor faces vote of no confidence over lack of dialogue

Alcaucín mayor Ágata González with other Axarquía PSOE mayors.
Alcaucín mayor Ágata González with other Axarquía PSOE mayors. / A. P.
  • Ciudadanos, who form the coalition government with the PSOE, say decisions are being made without them in areas in which they have responsibility

Alcaucín's Ciudadanos party, which forms half of the coalition government with the socialist PSOE party, has tabled a vote of no confidence against the PSOE and mayor of the village, Ágata González.

The motion was presented to the town hall on Tuesday after Ciudadanos spokesperson and previous mayor of Alcaucín Mario Blancke claimed that there had been very little dialogue with the PSOE since it took the mayor's office in last year's local elections. He claimed that they had only met "three times", that Ciudadanos had requested each meeting and that there was a "lack of trust" over information not being shared about projects and expenditure, as well as unilateral decisions being taken on areas that his party is supposed to have responsibility for.

González, who has the support if other PSOE mayors in the Axarquía, as well as the general secretary of the PSOE in Malaga, José Luis Ruiz Espejo, reacted on Wednesday by trying, unsuccessfully, to persuade Ciudadanos to drop the vote. She said the vote was "very unfair" and that it had "been planned for months".

Ciudadanos has the support of the two Partido Popular (PP) councillors in Alcaucín and should they win the vote, control of the town hall would pass to a Ciudadanos - PP coalition.

The general coordinator for the PP party in Malaga, José Ramón Carmona, said his party was happy to support the vote due to the "worrying lack of dialogue from the mayor."

Blancke has already said that he is not looking to take up the role of mayor again "to give credibility to this vote of no confidence". He went on to say, "This isn't about removing someone from office for me to return." He added that he entered politics in Alcaucín to try to solve the problems of the irregular houses in the Axarquía. Blancke is spokesperson for Save Our Homes Axarquía (SOHA).

Instead, Fernando Córdoba Córdoba, 43, would become mayor. He is currently councillor for Culture, Sport, Education and Health in the village.

In the last term of government, Ciudadanos led the council with a PSOE coalition. However, after the PSOE gained more votes in the last election, the decision was made for the PSOE to lead with Ciudadanos support. The vote of no confidence is scheduled to take place at the next council meeting on 22 January.