Marbella toddler who fell six floors goes home after just three days in hospital

Jorge points to the boy's bedroom window. :: N. c.
Jorge points to the boy's bedroom window. :: N. c.
  • Relatives have described the survival of two-year-old Álvaro, who dropped more than 20 metres out of a window, as a 'miracle'

After three days in the Costa del Sol hospital, two-year-old Álvaro went home on Tuesday unaware that his survival was being described as a "miracle".

He had fallen out of a window at his home in Marbella on Saturday afternoon, plunging six floors to the pavement below where he was found conscious and with no more than a few scratches.

Washing hung out on the fifth floor cushioned the fall of the toddler who then bounced off a small roof, before landing outside the front door of the block in Calle Salduba.

"It's not luck, it's a miracle," the boy's uncle, Jorge Jiménez, told SUR on Sunday, recounting the events of Saturday afternoon in the flat he shares with Álvaro's parents.

Jorge explained that it all happened at around 4.30pm when his sister put Álvaro to bed for a siesta in his room while they cleared up after lunch.

"Álvaro was sleeping and we were busy in the kitchen, and when we went back into the living room we heard people shouting below, saying that a child had fallen. I rushed into his room and he wasn't there," explained Jorge. By that time the boy's mother was already rushing down the stairs.

The alarm was raised by a neighbour who was sitting on a bench outside the building. He said he saw "something" fall, but thought it was "a doll". When he realised it was a child he called over a man who was nearby on a motorcycle to help. He in turn stopped a car and the driver picked the boy up and drove him straight to the nearest health centre where he received first aid. Álvaro was later transferred to the Costa del Sol hospital where he remained in observation until Tuesday.

Jorge said that Álvaro must have climbed onto a chest of drawers next to the window before he fell more than 20 metres.

Miracle street

This is the second time that a child has survived a fall in this same street in the Marbella neighbourhood of Plaza de Toros.

Twenty years ago, in November 1999, a five-year-old boy was saved after he fell from a fifth-floor balcony. Salvador Moreno, a neighbour who worked for a funeral company, was deemed a local hero after holding his arms out to catch the boy. The five-year-old bounced from his arms into a garden and suffered several fractures, but lived to tell the tale.