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Jury finds victim's former partner guilty of "merciless" La Viñuela murder

Jury finds victim's former partner guilty of "merciless" La Viñuela murder

José O. T. is facing 25 years in prison for killing María "Adela" Fortes Molina after stabbing her more than 30 times in February 2018

Eugenio Cabezas

Friday, 22 November 2019, 19:14


The jury in the trial of José O. T., the man accused of stabbing his partner and La Viñuela resident María "Adela" Fortes Molina more than 30 times on 13 February 2018, delivered its verdict on Friday.

The woman's former partner, something he denied, was unanimously found guilty of "mercilessly" stabbing her to death without giving her any chance to defend herself.

He is now awaiting sentencing and is facing up to 25 years behind bars.

Judges had heard on Wednesday that the murdered woman confessed to a friend that she "was scared" of her partner.

The friend, who was one of a number of witnesses giving evidence on the third day of the hearing on Wednesday, explained how Adela had sent him WhatsApp messages just days before her brutal killing saying that she was afraid of him.

Other witnesses include the victim's former parents-in-law and her son, who said that he had only met the man "two or three times" but he knew they were "seeing and calling each other".

Adela's son is said to have seen José O. T. driving towards his mother's house shortly before she was found dead by her former father-in-law.

José O. T. was later arrested while driving in Marbella, covered in Adela's blood. It was on his clothes, on his face, in his car and even on his mobile phone.

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