Police seize 150 kilos of stolen avocados in El Morche and arrest two men as thefts of the fruit continue

Police image of the fruit.
Police image of the fruit. / SUR
  • Police suspect the detainees were part of a larger group and hope to make more arrests in the coming days

Two men from Granada province were caught stealing avocados from a farm in El Morche on Monday night. Police seized 150 kilos of the Hass variety of the fruit from the suspects who are believed to be part of a bigger group.

Officers said that they were hopeful they would be able to identify a further "two or three people over the next few days." The men had pulled down a fence in order to access the land.

This incident is one of a number that have been reported since the avocado picking season got under way last month. Police have increased their patrol of rural areas and are carrying out controls on vehicles that could be carrying stolen produce.