British fugitive accused of kidnapping and drug trafficking arrested in Marbella

The detainee.
The detainee. / SUR
  • The 32-year-old is wanted by the British authorities in connection with an incident involving 27 kilos of cocaine

A British man was arrested in Marbella on Monday for charges he is facing in Britain of drug trafficking, kidnapping and taking hostages.

The man, 32, was detained by officers from the National Police on Monday. The officers checked his identity and ensured that the European Arrest Warrant in his name was still valid, before taking him into custody.

British authorities claim the man, known as A.S., had kidnapped another person in order to take 27 kilogrammes of cocaine that was in their possession.

It is alleged that A.S. and his accomplice tied this individual up and tortured them until they revealed the location of the drugs.

The British court in question is recommending a sentence of two years and 15 days imprisonment. A.S. already has a pre-existing 18-month sentence that he has not yet served.