Minister of Public Works is already considering a night-time suburban train service for Malaga

José Luis Ábalos at the ministerial conference.
José Luis Ábalos at the ministerial conference. / SUR
  • José Luis Ábalos said the idea is a good one and he hopes local institutions will collaborate and contribute if the scheme comes to fruition

Following numerous requests for trains on the Cercanías suburban service to run at night, the Ministry of Public Works is already looking at the idea of introducing a night-time service on the C1 line between Malaga and Fuengirola at weekends, the acting Minister, José Luis Ábalos, said his week.

Speaking after opening a ministerial conference on legal and safe fishing, held by the International Maritime Organisation, Ábalos moved on to matters regarding mobility in the province, including making the AP-7 motorway toll-free.

With regard to the trains, he said there were different aspects that have to be taken into account, such as maintenance works which have to be carried out at night, and said it was a question of combatability of the works.

He also pointed out that if more trains are running more drivers will be needed, and that is also a cost that would have to be studied. However, "it's a good idea and we are prepared to look at it," he said.

Ábalos also said his ministry would like local institutions such as the Diputación de Malaga (the provincial government) to collaborate on the scheme if it does go ahead, and contribute to the cost of running the trains at night.

The minister was not as forthcoming about the idea of removing the toll on the AP-7, saying he was surprised the PP party was calling for this because quite recently it wanted all motorways in Spain to have tolls.