A Mijas beach has been closed again due to a broken sewage pipe

The broken pipe is very close to the shore near La Cala.
The broken pipe is very close to the shore near La Cala. / SUR
  • The pipe, which is about one metre off Los Cordobeses beach, has broken twice in two weeks and could cost a million euros to replace

A beach in La Cala de Mijas had to be closed to the public again this week due to a break in a sewage pipe. This was the second time in two weeks that Los Cordobeses beach had to be closed for the same reason.

Sources at Mijas town hall say the pipe runs along the coast from La Cala to Marbella, so the sewage leak is "quite major".

The problem began a fortnight ago when the first break in the pipe was discovered. Technicians from the Acosol water company created a 'bypass' but this failed the other day and a large amount of sewage emptied out of the pipe, which is why the beach had to be closed again.

Although at present only Los Cordobeses beach is still affected, the authorities initially had to close all the beaches from El Bombo to La Cala stream.

The council says Acosol is responsible for resolving the problem with the pipe, but stress that this will not be an easy task.

"The problem is where to put the pipe. They can't put it in the sea now, so they will have to find somewhere else, such as under the seafront promenade or further inland," says Public Works councillor, José Carlos Martín. He has been told by Acosol that the works should begin within the next three weeks.

Martín explains that the pipe which broke was about one metre from the shore. When it was first laid it was in a location that the water didn't reach, but that has changed over the years.

Manuel Cardeña, CEO of Acosol and a Marbella councillor says the pipe will be replaced as a matter of urgency, and the cost could be as much as one million euros. "These pipes are a big problem on the Costa del Sol," he says. "They are quite old and are being damaged by the sea".