Trial date set for man implicated in Julen's death

David Serrano with his lawyers
David Serrano with his lawyers / SUR
  • The investigating judge leading the case has recommended a three-year negligent homicide sentence, while Julen's parents are requesting a lengthier punishment

The dates for the trial of David Serrano, implicated in the death of two-year-old Julen Roselló, were announced on Wednesday. The hearing is scheduled to take place on 21, 24, 28 and 30 January 2020, coinciding with the anniversary of the toddler's death.

The investigating judge leading the case has asked for a three-year prison sentence for negligent homicide for Serrano, the owner of the land where Julen fell down a bore hole. However, the boy's parents have requested the sentence be increased to three years and six months for homicide due to grave negligence.

Serrano's lawyers are said to be trying to negotiate a pretrial agreement which would see their client avoid jail by paying compensation to the boy's parents and the recovery of some of the costs of the attempted rescue.