The new Malaga hospital will have 840 beds and 46 operating theatres

Elías Bendodo.
Elías Bendodo. / FRANCIS SILVA
  • The long-awaited hospital is to be constructed on the land currently occupied by the Hospital Civil's car park

The new hospital in Malaga will have 840 beds (in addition to the 400 at the Materno and 150 at the Civil), as well as 46 new operating theatres. This formed part of the announcement made by Elías Bendodo, spokesman for the regional government, on a visit to Malaga last week.

He also confirmed that the hospital would be constructed on the 48,600 square metres of land currently taken up by the Hospital Civil's car park.

Two million euros will be spent on drawing up the plan which will be ready by "August or September 2020", according to Bendodo.

Meanwhile, the cost of taking the Metro to the new hospital has been estimated at 150 million euros.