Malaga serial rapist transferred from prison to resettlement centre in Algeciras

Juan Carlos G. R.
Juan Carlos G. R. / F. GONZALEZ
  • After serving 17 years in prison for 24 sexual assaults, Juan Carlos G. R. has been sent to a resettlement centre where he can leave for as long as he likes at weekends

The man known as 'the serial rapist of Malaga', Juan Carlos G. R., has been released from prison in Albolote (Granada) after serving 17 years behind bars.

He was initially sentenced to 271 years in jail for 24 sexual assaults in Malaga (one of which was attempted) but he has now been transferred to a resettlement centre in Algeciras.

Juan Carlos G. R. has been at that centre since Monday. While there, he is required to spend every night there. He is free to leave at least one hour per day during weekdays and for as long as he wants at weekends, provided that he doesn't commit any crime and stays at least two kilometres away from any of his victims.

Should he get a contract for work, he would only be required to stay overnight from Monday to Friday.