Judge in Dana Leonte case maintains partner hit her with bat

Sergio Ruiz has been in custody since Saturday.
Sergio Ruiz has been in custody since Saturday. / EFE
  • Sergio Ruiz has been accused of murdering the missing Romanian woman whose body still has not been found despite the discovery of a bone in a secluded area near Arenas

The judge leading the investigation into the disappearance and suspected murder of missing Romanian woman, Dana Leonte, 31, has maintained that evidence shows that Leonte's partner, Sergio Ruiz, hit her on the head with a bat, leaving her unconscious or fatally injured.

He later wrapped her in a duvet, according to the report issued by the court when Ruiz was sent to prison, and took her to a secluded area in the countryside near the village of Arenas, where the couple lived with their baby daughter.

Police using sniffer dogs, drones and satellites continue their search for the missing woman's body in the area where a thigh bone, which has been linked to her through DNA tests, was found last week.

Geolocation tests carried out on the couple's mobile phones have also shown signals coming from the area where the bone was found at the time of her disappearance.

While the investigation continues, the government has decided to include Dana Leonte on its official list of victims of domestic violence, taking the total of deaths in Spain this year up to 46.