Swapping supermarkets could save you 1,000 euros a year, according to survey

There are big differences within different towns.
There are big differences within different towns. / SUR
  • The annual OCU survey studied 184,000 prices in 1,225 stores across 65 locations, as well as the internet

Going shopping for food and household items may be a routine task but changing your favourite supermarket destination for another could save you a lot of money. An annual survey released this week shows that a family could save up to 1,063 euros a year, around a fifth of the average spend.

The survey was published by the consumer group, Organización de Consumidores y Usuarios (OCU), and analysed almost 184,000 prices at 1,225 stores in 65 different municipalities. Online shops are also included. The average difference between the dearest and cheapest supermarkets tested in each place has widened by 12.3 per cent this year.

The amount of real saving varies a lot between towns. In Alcobendas, near Madrid, it is possible to save up to 3,554 euros a year by going to a different brand of supermarket locally. In contrast, the saving is a lot less in Marbella, where there is only a maximum saving of 207 euros a year between the local supermarkets analysed.

Three Al Campo supermarkets head the list for being the cheapest in Spain and Mercadona is the next least expensive chain with national coverage.

The cheapest supermarkets studied on the Costa del Sol are branches of local chains, Superco and Cashfresh, in Malaga city.