The incident occurred in the Puerto de la Torre neighbourhood.
The incident occurred in the Puerto de la Torre neighbourhood. / SUR

Man is arrested over fatal shooting of his mother following family dispute in Malaga

  • The 81-year-old was shot in the head and abdomen and was pronounced dead at the scene

A 50-year-old man has been arrested in connection with the killing of his mother, 81, in the Puerto de la Torre neighbourhood of Malaga on Thursday afternoon.

The events took place at around 1pm on Calle Escritor Atienza Huertos. SUR sources indicate that a man shot the woman in the head and abdomen with a shotgun.

Shortly after, the emergency services received multiple calls and police were at the scene within minutes.

According to several witnesses, an argument had started between the alleged aggressor and his sister. As the argument escalated, the man took the firearm then threatened to kill his sister with it. The pair's mother then tried to intervene in the conflict and told her daughter to run away, explained a waiter who witnessed the events from the restaurant closest to the house.

It seems that as the sister started to flee the scene, the man fired the first shot at his mother who fell to the floor.

Then, according to several witnesses, the man went into the house once again and, upon exiting, then fired the second shot - this time at the victim's head. Minutes later, the police arrived and the woman was already dead.

Neighbours alerted the police that he had gone back inside again with the firearm but the police were able to arrest him without further injury or loss of life.