Around 100 people respond to ProDunas' call to clean Cabopino beach in Marbella

Volunteers pick up rubbish on the rocks of the breakwater.
Volunteers pick up rubbish on the rocks of the breakwater. / JOSELE
  • Firefighters, Civil Protection, volunteers and associations were able to work together to collect more than 300 kilos of waste from the beach

Last Friday, around 100 people congregated on Cabopino beach, next to the Artola dunes, with a common cause: to look after the environment. The ProDunas association organised a clean-up day which brought together Marbella's firefighters, Civil Protection, volunteers and associations.

In total, the group collected more than 300 kilos of waste.

"Everybody has come to help," explained Susanne Stamm, a representative of ProDunas, who also made the most of the event to start a collection of signatures, with the aim of creating artificial multifunctional reefs.

"These reefs would be installed 150 metres from the coast in order to stabilise the beaches and help preserve the dunes. We would not lose as much sand," Stamm assured.

In addition to manual waste collection, a group of 17 scuba divers, incuding firefighters from the Unidad de Buceo and 'Diving with Nic' school, helped cleaned the area offshore. All kinds of objects were found among the waste, including a fishing rod.

"It was new, I have no idea how it could have ended up there," exclaimed Stamm. Among the volunteers was the 'Mi Moana' association, which organises clean-ups each month along the Costa del Sol coastline.

"There is still a great deal to do. We keep collecting kilos and kilos of waste from the beaches," the association explained.

The event ended at around 1.30pm, when the heat prevented the volunteers from continuing.

After the clean-up, the volunteers were able to enjoy a well-deserved cold drink.

"We have to continue to support these initiatives. We have to look after our town," urged Andrea Gálvez, one of the founders of Generación Verde.

Following the success of the day, ProDunas will continue with its traditional clean-up of the Artola Dunes at the end of September.