Tolox's toss for power put off as PSOE disputes damaged paper

The damaged paper.
The damaged paper. / SUR
  • Both parties gained 603 votes in the recent municipal election

A draw, or the tossing of a coin, to determine who will be mayor of the village of Tolox for the next four years has been postponed until a dispute over the validity of a ballot paper has been resolved.

Both the PSOE and PP parties gained 603 votes each in the municipal election on 26 May after a paper in favour of the Socialist party was declared null and void due to cuts on either side.

Unhappy with the decision by the Malaga Electoral Commission, the Socialists have taken the case to the Central Electoral Commission, claiming the cuts do not affect the names of the candidates or the logo of the political party.

If the central commission upholds the decision, the local government will be run by the winner of a draw, or the tossing of a coin.