Sustainable German technology designed in the Axarquía

Joachim Aldfinger with his hybrid vehicle.
Joachim Aldfinger with his hybrid vehicle. / E. CABEZAS
  • The hybrid vehicle is 100 per cent carbon neutral and has a range of up to 180 kilometres when fully charged

Nerja resident of 18 years, Joachim Aldfinger, last month travelled to a sustainability and mobility fair in his native Germany to launch a hybrid vehicle which was designed and built in the Axarquía town.

Along with his French business partner, Didier Helmsetter, Aldfinger, 54, has produced five prototypes of the Messerschmitt KR 25 E; a hybrid vehicle made from aluminum and carbon fibre which comprises three wheels, pedals and an electric battery. It is capable of reaching speeds of 25km/h and can cover 180 kilometres when fully charged.

The vehicle weighs 85 kilos, can carry up to 120 kilos of additional weight and has a market value of 12,500 euros. Aldfinger explained the idea is that "it can be used in big cities as well as rural areas for short distances".

The designer, also a self-confessed "environmentalist", spent six years working on the model, which he says is "100 per cent sustainable."

The design is based on the iconic Messerschmitt three-wheeled cars, designed by the company which is best known for its World War Two fighter planes. The company closed in 1968.

Aldfinger also claims to be the "ambassador in Spain for Westarctica", an micronation in the Antarctic, founded by former US soldier, Travis McHenry, in 2001 to promote and protect the Antarctic from environmental threats.