Drip irrigation system will help with the replanting of the dunes in Marbella

Piquer (second left) and officials on the dunes
Piquer (second left) and officials on the dunes / Josele-Lanza
  • At the moment, just pines have been planted but native species of mastic, broom and other shrubs are planned

Volunteers from the ProDunas Association will no longer have to water the vegetation on the dunes in Marbella by hand. A drip irrigation system is being installed on the Barronal de la Morena dune, one of the protected areas in the Reserva Ecológica. Around 150 metres of pipes have been laid here, on the outskirts of the Playas Andaluzas residential zone, to help with the task of repopulating the dunes with native vegetation.

In total, around 600 metres of drip irrigation pipes will be laid so that water can reach all of the protected dune areas.

At the moment, the planting of native species has been limited to pines but it is planned to reintroduce shrubs such as mastic and broom as well as aromatic plants like rosemary and thyme. In total some 700 specimens will be planted across the Reserva.

The water company Hidralia is going to carry out the work to connect the area to the local water supply and the Department of the Environment and Beaches of Marbella town hall will install the irrigation network. Town hall representative Manuel Cardeña explained that the irrigation in the Los Monteros area would use recycled water thanks to work by Acosol (the western Costa del Sol's public water company of which he is CEO).

The ProDunas president, Fernando Piquer, said "this replanting project is the basis for creating a green lung in the heart of the Marbella dunes."