Woman killed in Estepona had been planning to split up with her husband

Gloria with her husband and alleged killer.
Gloria with her husband and alleged killer. / SUR
  • Gloria's husband was obsessed with security and thought that his wife and family were spying on him

The death of 58-year-old Gloria on Saturday night left her local community in shock. She was an independent and sociable woman who was very active in her local community. Her friends described her as a "determined and enterprising" woman who was "very pleasant and polite".

Well positioned financially and socially, for several years she had run a bilingual infant school on the outskirts of Estepona along with two of her siblings. Since the school was sold she had worked for the maintenance firm run by her parents-in-law.

She had left Geoffrey three years ago, but the couple got back together because "he said sorry" explained her friends, who said that she had not told them why they separated.

For some time now, however, she had been planning to leave him again. She wanted to split up on good terms for the sake of their two sons, the 15-year-old who lived with them and an older son living in Australia.

Gloria was the third of eight children and came from the village of Montejaque, near Ronda. Her family had already been hit by tragedy with the death of her two youngest siblings and her mother died last year. "The family is much-loved in Montejaque. They've suffered a lot," said a friend.

Gloria, who had met Geoffrey when she went to work on the Costa del Sol in her twenties, had always made an effort to involve her husband in her world although he has been described as "doing little to integrate and hardly speaking at all" when he went with her to the village.

Geoffrey, who according to sources "earned a lot of money" when he set up a satellite firm years ago had gone on to website design. He was not currently employed.

Sources said that he had become obsessed with security and had installed cameras around their home in Forest Hills. He told one neighbour not to call him because his phone was tapped. He was apparently convinced that his wife and her family were spying on him and that they wanted him to commit suicide.