Forensics team asks for more information in Julen investigation

García Vidal at the Ciudad de la Justicia on Wednesday.
García Vidal at the Ciudad de la Justicia on Wednesday. / M. F.
  • They want to know more about the hole and the rescue efforts in order to conclude their final report

Forensics experts have asked investigators who are looking into the case of two-year-old Julen, who died after falling into a borehole in Totalán in January, for more information about the hole and the rescue operation. Their aim is to ascertain how the boy sustained the head injuries which ultimately killed him.

The team, from the Institute of Legal Medicine (IML), who carried out the original autopsy on the boy, is continuing to develop its final report. The initial report published indicated that the cause of death was a severe head trauma. In another report by the Guardia Civil, it stated that he had received two blows to the head, as well as several other injuries sustained after death.

Just last week, however, lawyers defending the owner of the land, David Serrano, had asked for similar tests to be carried out and for rescue workers to be called to testify to ascertain whether Julen's death was caused by the rescue attempts and not as a result of negligence on his part. This was rejected by the judge but his team of lawyers, from Lawbird Legal Services, has appealed the decision. The matter could ultimately be decided by the provincial court.


Ángel García Vidal, the man who led the rescue operation, on Wednesday spoke before the judge in Malaga for half an hour during which time he said that the blockage in the hole which trapped Julen could have been caused both by his initial fall and because of attempts to save him. He concluded by saying that he was "proud" of the work carried out at Totalán.

He wasn't the only person to make a statement in court this week. Two Guardia Civil officers, who were first on the scene, also answered questions.

The investigation continues.