Company bosses on Malaga tech park threaten to pull out unless transport links improve

A familiar sight - morning rush hour hold-ups on the way into the PTA.
A familiar sight - morning rush hour hold-ups on the way into the PTA. / Salvador Salas
  • Tension between the PTA and local authorities continues despite meeting to try to relieve notorious traffic congestion

The row between the companies operating on Malaga's high-tech business park, the so-called PTA, and local authorities continues to simmer on.

This week, an unidentified source at one of the companies refused to rule out relocation to "friendlier" sites if the problems of congestion on access roads into the large site west of Malaga aren't resolved.

"If a top executive from my company came to Malaga and had to put up with a queue like the ones we have to suffer every day, by the next day they'd be looking for a new location," said one manager.

The PTA is home to some large employers including Oracle, Ciklum, Aertec and Accenture, among many other companies. Last November tensions boiled over at a meeting critical of traffic calming methods in nearby residential streets, now largely withdrawn, and some companies told the city's mayor they would go if the situation got no better.

Plans for a third, car-share lane on the link road from the A-357 motorway have been put out to tender but will take a year and half to finish. It will be built by the regional government. Companies also want an integrated bus service connecting to the metro line near the university and immediate permanent traffic lights at the main entrance roundabout.

The council said this week that it was going as fast as it can with the ideas and added that companies had to also think of creative solutions.