Ex-footballer Demichelis wakes up to find burglars in Marbella home

Demichelis and Anderson in a local restaurant.
Demichelis and Anderson in a local restaurant. / IG.AVANGELINAANDERSEO
  • The Argentinian said the hooded intruders, who had broken in while the family slept, fled when they realised he was there

Former Malaga and Manchester City defender Martín Demichelis, woke up in his Marbella home to find burglars coming up from his basement in the early hours of last Sunday morning.

"Strange noises woke me up," the Argentinian told SUR this week, explaining how he left his bedroom to find several hooded intruders, "Three, I think", who fled when they saw him.

The intruders had broken in, according to the footballer, via the basement, while Demichelis, his wife, model Angelina Anderson, and their three children were sleeping in their exclusive Santa Clara Golf villa. The burglars, however, did not leave empty-handed. "They had time to steal [things]. When I saw them they were coming up from the basement, which is where they got in."

"I want to thank [people] for all their good wishes, concern and affection," said Demichelis in a post on Instagram, referring to the many followers who had sent messages after news of the break-in was revealed by someone close to the family talking on Argentinian television. A police investigation is under way.