Julen's body is removed from borehole after a 12-day rescue operation in Totalán

The boy's body is removed from the rescue site
The boy's body is removed from the rescue site / SALVADOR SALAS
  • The two-year-old was found dead after miners completed the connecting tunnel

After a 12-day search the two-year-old boy who fell down a 100-metre-deep borehole in Totalán near Malaga was found dead at 1.25 am on Saturday morning.

Miners, lowered down a shaft that had been drilled over the last few days into the mountain, had been digging a tunnel to reach Julen since Thursday evening.

At around 4.20am the boy's body was driven to Malaga where the autopsy was due to be carried out on Saturday morning.

The Guardia Civil will seal the hole the boy fell down and the parallel rescue shaft shortly.

The mayor of Malaga has declared three days of official mourning.